CHIARA ONIDA  |  +44 (0)7826400991

I am an Italian designer based in London. My practice explores an innovative approach to materials and production techniques, emphasising both functional and narrative outcomes.

In 2011 I co-founded Breaking the Mould, a project that pairs experimental approaches with traditional Venetian glass making techniques to outline new scenarios for the future of glass craftsmanship. After graduating from Central Saint Martin College in 2010, I worked across different design disciplines (Industrial and Service Design, Product Design, Innovation and Branding) consulting for a number or agencies and companies in UK and Europe.



June 2017 — Made in Space, SPACE 10, Copenhagen

June-Dec 2017 — 3D. Print the world, curated by Hector Serrano, Fondation Telefonica, Madrid

April-Sept 2017 — Serie Fuori Serie, curated by Andrea Branzi and Triennale Design Museum, National Museum of China, Beijing

Dec 2016 - April 2017 — HandiCRAFT. Traditional Skills in the Digital Age, curated by Rainald Franz, MAK Museum Vienna

April 2017 — Talisman. Contemporary Symbolic Objects, curated by InResidence, Palazzo Clerici, Milan

April 2016 - Feb 2017 — W. Women in Italian Design, curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, Triennale Design Museum, Milan

April 2016 - Sept 2016 — Sempering. Process and pattern in architecture and design, curated by Cino Zucchi, MUDEC Museum, Milan

March-July 2016 — Made in Italy, curated by Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò, Reggia di Venaria Reale, Turin

Nov 2015 — Operae. Here/Now, curated by Angela Rui, Turin

Apil 2015 — BTM 03 - Venice>>Future, curated by Stefano Maffei, Subalterno1 gallery, Milan Fuorisalone

Dec 2014 - Feb2015 — Designer’s Joy, curated by Domitilla Dardi, SecondoMe gallery, Rome

Nov 2014 - Jan 2015 — Lancome & Elle Decoration Design Award, Maxxi Museum, Rome

Sept 2014 — Lancome - Elle Decoration Design Award, La Rinascente, Milan

April 2014 — FROM-TO, curated by Martino Gamper, Salone del mobile, Milan

April 2014 — Desiderabilia. About Desirable things, curated by InResidence, Salone del mobile, Milan

Sept 2013 — Perfume, Sir? by DesignMarketo and LeLabo, London Design Festival

Feb - April 2013 — Learning in Glass (solo show), Aram Gallery, London

Feb 2013 — DOS Designing Sound Objetcs, Auditorium Parco Musica, Rome

Oct 2012 — Another Terra, Home away from Home, curated by InResidence, Architectural Biennale, Serre dei Giardini, Venice

Nov 2012 —  AveAmen, Architectural Biennale, Laboratorio 2729, Venice

June 2012 — Breaking the Mould - BTM 01, Direktorenhaus, Berlin

Sept 2011 — Bar Alto, by Design Marketo, London Design Festival

Feb 2011 — 20 Designers at Biologiska, curated by Färg & Blanche, Stockholm Furniture Fair

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